How to list publications in your academic CV 

| Written by Chidimma Nwaku Whether you are applying to a graduate school or an academic position, you need to include your publication in your CV. This shows that you are an authority in that field or that you have extensive skills, experience, and knowledge. It also shows that you have good writing and analytical…More

Tips on how to start a career in bioinformatics as a life scientist

Bioinformatics is just an umbrella name for all disciplines that use computational tools and methods to analyze biological data. Its areas of applications span: genomics, drug discovery, transcriptomics, epigenomics, metagenomics amongst many others. Bioinformatics is divided into 3 central themes:  Biology Computing  Data science As a life scientist, the biology part is pretty much solved.…More

Tips on scheduling for optimal productivity

Adulthood is a scam. It seems like what we have to do is unending. From working to handling school to running a business to taking online classes…aah! We become so busy that a lot of the time the important things we’re supposed to do are left unattended. Here are some helpful tips on how to…More

Setting yourself up for opportunities

We all love hearing success stories or being part of one. Success does not happen in a day. It starts by preparing ahead and setting ourselves up for opportunities. Opportunities also do not pop out of thin air when we are not looking for one.More