New skills, New beginnings

Written by Michael Olufemi Edited by Chidimma Nwaku

Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is Ankita Murmu, I’m a biotechnology graduate. I come from a country with the coolest diversity, India. 

Tell us about your experience in HackBio. 

Signing up for the HackBio Genomics Workshop was one of my best decisions towards enhancing my bioinformatics and genomics learning curve. Out of all the training and workshops I attended virtually, this workshop experience went way above my expectations. 

The HackBio team are an amazing bunch of spirited people who are excellent mentors and are always available to guide you.  I loved how each task was structured from basic to advanced levels (with a project). 

What skills did you acquire?

The 5 weeks of the workshop helped me gain some new skills on bash scripting, working with Galaxy, using Linux, working with interesting softwares (samtools, plink) and genomics data. Also, I would say that this workshop helped me improve my soft skills such as time management, team building, persistence and patience. 

Would you recommend HackBio Bioinformatics workshop to people? 

I believe the workshops offered by HackBio molds people towards being exceptional researchers and team players which are important to be successful in any job or graduate school application. 

So, I would totally recommend HackBio whether you are just a novice or an expert in bioinformatics. I wish I knew about HackBio earlier but, I am happy that I could be part of the Genomics Workshop.

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