How HackBio Genomics Workshop helped Eniola gain practical genomics analysis skills

Written by Michael Olufemi Edited by Chidimma Nwaku

Can you Introduce yourself?

My name is Eniola Onabowale. I work as a Molecular Research Scientist at a biotech company based in Lagos, Nigeria, I have planned to apply for doctoral program in Genomics and Computational Biology. 

Tell us about your experience in HackBio. What skills did you acquire?

This workshop has provided me with practical skills and an understanding of the BASH command line, how to use it to analyze genomic data and gain insights that can be translated into therapeutic and diagnostic solutions. 

Working and collaborating in teams with people from diverse backgrounds with the constant support from the mentors made this learning journey worthwhile. 

Would you recommend HackBio Bioinformatics workshop to people? 

I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in the field of Genomics or other fields in Bioinformatics. 

Graduate studies would require you to own a research project from inception till your final submission. In order to analyze, visualize and make sense of your data you would need to have data analytical skills and core research skills. 

This workshop helps you to develop these skills. They provide well-thought out curated learning resources and structure. In addition, they train participants on how to troubleshoot and source information using the freely available resources on the internet. 

Being able to demonstrate that you already have these skills that would enable you to thrive in graduate research would always be beneficial in addition to completing a project in an area of genomics that aligns with your intended field of study. 

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